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The Hidden Benefit Of Plants

Not only do plants add to the aesthetic appearance of a room or area, recent research shows that just three average floor-standing plants or six standard table-top plants significantly improves the air quality in an average size office. In work settings industry experts often recommend a plant be placed winin each person's breath zone.

Many authorities have conducted their own research programmes. Some of these findings demonstrate that plants:

REDUCE COLDS - Low humidity causes/aggrevates cold sysmptoms. The findings from a number of experiments indicate that the use of indoor plants, particularly green plants with a light water requirement, will naturally raise the humidity and result in corresponding decreases in the incidence of colds and minor ailments.

REDUCE TIREDNESS - The more carbon dioxide is in the air, the more tired and listless we become. Through the process of transpiration, plants absorb carbon dioxide from the air and emit water vapour and oxygen.

REDUCE SMELLS - Plants assist in removing toxins from the air. Likewise, other pollutants are absorbed through the plants leaves and removed from the atmosphere.

REDUCE DUST - Dust serves as a medium for micro-organisms in the air leading to health problems. Indoor plants serve as a natural air filter and can reduce the dust by as much as 20%.

REDUCE EYE FATIGUE - Plants reflect the yellow-green spectrum. The human eye identifies these colours as being pleasant and relaxing in office situations. Workers who use computers have noticed significant improvement in their efficiency, concentration, and general well-being with the introduction of plants.

REDUCE STRESS - Environmental psychology studies have shown direct links between environmental factors and stress. All studies indicate that nature is an important contributor to the reduction of stress, and conversely urban environments contribute to psychological stress.

ABSORB NOISE - Plants absorb noise and dampen background sound.

Design & Quotation

Green Leaf Plant Hire offers a professional service to our clients who we work closely with to ensure we understand and meet their needs.

We will visit your premises to discuss and give advice on an interior plantscaping design that will add value to your business. We will provide a fully costed and detailed proposal for your indoor plant requirements at no obligation or cost. A service agreement can be tailored to suit your needs.

So let us introduce you to the living office. It is so easy to deal with us... we will do it all for you!

Plants & Planters

We provide plants and decorative planters to suit your premises that will take into account traffic/office flow, lighting, temperature and personal tastes.

Our extensive range of healthy and vibrant plants will add colour and life to your workspace. Plants can be used as a friendly barrier to separate large areas into smaller rooms, or to hide unsightly areas in the work space, or to subtly guide people along a certain path.

Our planters will add visual focus, definition and individuality. These come in a range of fabulous colours to suit any dècor.

So let us introduce you to the living office. It is so easy to deal with us... we will do it all for you!

Installation & Maintenance

Our service includes free installation of plants and decorative planters. Our team of highly trained plant technicians will make a regular service call to water, dust, fertilize and prune the plants. We will replace plants as necessary to ensure we maintain a high standard of display at all times.

So let us introduce you to the living office. It is so easy to deal with us... we will do it all for you!

Fabulous Flowers

These floral arrangements are available for hire and are changed on a monthly basis. Each display is individually arranged by a floral artist to ensure each arrangement is unique. These are an alternative option to fresh flowers at a fraction of the cost.