Why Green Leaf?
Green Leaf Plant Hire has been operating since 1988 in the Manawatu region. Being locally owned and operated means we can quickly address any issues you may have with your plants.
We will work with you to determine your needs and design the most appropriate solution for your space and budget. Getting started is just a phone call away. We have an extensive range of plants and beautiful decorative planters to work best with your lighting and spaces, and care about making sure the plants you have are of the highest quality and suit your environment.
We are owned by a qualified horticulturist, which means you will always have quality, pest free plants that look amazing. We know plants!
Why Hire Plants?
For many years people have been surrounding themselves with plants because they make you feel good. Plants freshen the air and have been proven to reduce tiredness, dust, eye fatigue, stress, noise and even smells! Put simply, plants are good for business. 
Plants are portable and multipurpose. They soften sterile environments and can be used instead of walls to plan spaces or hide areas. 
Customers love plants too. Plants are welcoming and help people relax.
When you hire you get the best from plants with none of the hassle of looking after them. With hireage you get it all - we water, fertilise, dust, clean, tidy up spent foliage - all of things you plan to do but don’t!
New plants look great but keeping them looking great is what we do best. Our plants are maintained by experts so always look showroom quality. If a plant grows too big or is looking tired - it is replaced as part of the hireage.
Your interior style may change over time, and with hireage so can your planters. Decorative 
planters can be expensive to replace. When you hire plants, a refresh of the look can be arranged for outdated displays.
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